Can you download the update and still keep the previous version?

I have only just joined the forum, but have been using DVD2one and find it a great tool to use because it is so simple, especially when useing copy to DVD with it and of course DVD Decrypter.

I just like the feeling of something happening without problems. To be able to get a DVD backup done without having to keep making a choice of this or that is a great feeling. ( ok I know some of you love to fiddle around to customize everything, wish I had the time)

Reading the forum questions it does seem that some people dont like the new version, maybe because it has taken away simplicity? So my question is.

Can you run both programmes? ie still keep the previous version so work can carry on as before and use the new version to see if you can get on with it?

If so how is this best done?

DVD Decrypter has also just released a new version and as these programmes are used a great deal together I wonder if having the two new releases at the same time is in fact causing some learning curve problems.

Any ideas on this very welcome,

Thanks, videpsport.

Offcourse you can if you have payed for it you’re entitled to all v.1.X.X updates , so why shouldn’t we be entitled to a downgrade/prvious version.

Yep … just download it and store it in a different folder. Then use whichever one you like. As the program doesn’t need installing, there will be no problem doing that.

Not so simple with DVD Decrypter though. With this you will have to uninstall v. 3.14 and install v.3.15.

Hope this helps

yes - I have all my versions in the same folder - only named them dvd2one102.exe, dvd2one110.exe, dvd2one111.exe, dvd2one112.exe etc. etc. and I just start the one I want to use - no probs at all

Indeed renaming does the thrick. DVD2one just needs itself, and does not really care about the name.

(you can name it hutsefluts.exe for all it cares)

actually I tried calling it hutsefluts.exe - but when I started it a rather rude popupbox asked me if I thought I was Harry Potter or something ? since then I did not dare call it anything else but dvd2onexxxx.exe :bigsmile:

I have kept them all and in the same directory. My question now is can I put them up for others to download, incase they are looking for an older version. They are also considered trial programs for non licensed users correct, or do you prefer us not to do this?

i rather have you not doing that all, for obvious reasons we block the stolen keys in the new version. Putting them online somewhere would be like opening a door for pirated versions.

I know this sounds rude, but i rather have people PM’ing eachother for older versions then just beeing able to download them.

Thanks everyone for your replies and comments. I have now downloaded the latest version, it just went straight into programmme files with the others and they all now show on the desktop, thanks, Videosport.


I am sure I will be using this forum a great deal as up till now I have only performed quite basic back ups.

Originally posted by ReneB
(you can name it hutsefluts.exe for all it cares)

Nice one, Rene. You do not deny your origin this way :D.

this might sound like a stupid question but what does/is hutsefluts mean?

Originally posted by dragula96
this might sound like a stupid question but what does/is hutsefluts mean?

Hutsefluts is a dutch expression which is best described (if I am not mistaken) as things that are mixed together, therefore has nothing to do with DVD2one. It was just an example about renaming. But ReneB might have an other opinion on that :p.