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I am thinking of getting a divx player. Will avi and xvid play on this type of player?


If by .avi u only mean a file extension of a divx or xvid compressed footage, then a quick answer is yes. Most (not all) such files will play off a CD or DVD.
check out for user reviews.


If you are talking about a standalone divx/multiformat player, I would second the recomendation to check on video help. It can very quite a bit from model to model what they will play. Price doesn’t seem to always mater either. Out of the 3 mutiformat players I have, the cheapest one (a jsi) plays more formats than the more expensive ones I got (not that much more expensive though), in fact, it plays every format I have tried on it including nero digital, with the exception of real media files. It only claims to play divx though. From what I understand, it is the chip set that they use that determines what they play so any player reguardless of cost (as they just buy the chipsets to build the players on), may play a lot or a little.