Can you crack Cd-Cops v 1.80?


I have a game cd protected with Cd-Cops version 1.80 which I need to backup.

This is a game only released in Norway so there is no “Fixed .exe” or Cracks floating around the web.
The one at Gamecopyworld is not fixed,
it is the same .exe as I`ve got originally - never modified.

Ive told them but they dont seem to bother.

The Cd-Cops Decryptor only handles versions <1.60, and I have failed to reach McLallo the author of the Decryptor.

Clone-Cd also fails to make a usable copy.

What I hoped for was for someone skilled enough to remove the protection from the main executable.

If you want to do this, please drop me a mail:

There’s also CD-Cops Decrypter v2.1 I believe which can handle CD-Cops > 1.64. I don’t know if it can handle 1.80 but you can always try. You can find version 2.1 at


Thanks, but I`ve tried it unsuccessfully…The makers of cd-cops probably keep an eye on whats available…

I ´ve got the same problem with GUT1 . All McLallos don´t work and CloneCD -copy does not work.
Please send me a mail to if anybody finds a solution