Can you copy and burn at the samt time?

hey, well i was going to buy dvdcloner3 but after all the bad stuff i read about it i decided to go with clone dvd 2 and anydvd free trial. every thing is working good it is just that i have two drives on my computer. i put the movie in the read only drive and the blank dvd in the dvd burner drive. the problem is i the program will not read it and burn the copy at the same time it waits untill the program is finished reading and then burns the new one. is there any way to fix this? thanks.


Well not really, from what I understand CloneDVD scans the data and creates a virtual disk image(copying process) which it when finished, burns.

Its one after the other, not both at the same time, hope that’s cleared up.

Have fun & good luck.

Trouble is it’s compressing as it goes so until the whole process is done it cannot create a valid set of files for burning.

thanks for the help guys.

Always copy the disc to HD first. After you get the image on your HD then you can compress and burn. Doing it the way you are now increases the chance of errors and failed burns.