Can you copy a DVD into one large file on your HD with FAB?

Like every time I rip a movie to my hard drive I get it in multiple files…like 20 min. each. Can I make one big file?

The VOB files are in 1GB chunks because this is the official standard for DVD structure. Why do you need 1 big file? You can play all of them in sequence (at least with WinDVD) by double clicking on the associated IFO file (or use “Play DVD from Folder” and open the VIDEO_TS folder); reprocess the files with DVDShrink and turn off the “1GB chuunks” option in preferences; convert to one of the MPEG-4 modes using DVDFab Platinum (will come out as all one file, just a different format).

thanks! so if I rip the movie to my hard drive then use shrink I can get it into one file? the reason I need one file is Fab has been acting really funky when I try to convert a dvd to ipod. So I have been ripping movies to my hard drive and then putting the iso onto my iPod by using videora. It works a lot better IMO but the problem is like I said, then I only get 20 min. chunks of the movie.

DVDFab writes ISOs as one big file. DVDShrink will write VOB files as one large file if you set it up that way. You will need to decrypt the movies first with DVDFab, then read the output files with DVDShrink to beat the latest copy protections.

the isos won’t work with videora or SUPER…so I have to do the files…and when I used shrink to make one big file it didn’t work either

What didn’t work–making the files or playing them?

playing them…videora can’t convert isos…but now I’m having a problem with videora because it keeps freezing at 100% completion…this whole ipod to dvd stuff is driving me nuts :iagree:


You can use free VLC media player to play ISO files. :bigsmile:

Excellent advice and the best little player out there IMO.
Link in my sig.

hey thanks maineman and rogman…and that program converts isos to MPEG4 format or just plays isos?