Can you convert DVD+R DL to DVD-R DL

Is there a way to fool dvd players into thinking it’s a DVD-Rom or DVD-R DL DVD?

My Pioneer DVR-111 writes the Disc and book type as:
but my DVD player “Logix 3300D” doesn’t like the Dual Layer DVD?

So I was considering buying a new dvd player, but on the box of the new dvd players, none list they are compatable with DVD+R DL dvds?

So I was wondering if I can set the Disc & Book type to
[DVD-R DL] - [DVD-Rom]

It’s only +R media that can be book typed & only to DVD-ROM as your Pio 111 does. Most burners default this setting to ensure maximum compatibility with DVD players.

If your player can’t handle these then it needs replacing & I would have thought that most , if not all, modern players would be fine. My 3 year Pioneer player plays everything I throw at it whether book typed or not.

So any new dvd player should think a DVD+R DL is a DVD-Rom? What Pioneer Player do you use? Model?

No, it just distinguishes between them and plays on.

Pioneer DV-464. It’s excellent in every way.

hi cuddlez, what speed did you burn that disc at, and what firmware version is loaded on your pioneer burner?

Also, do you have another burner like a benq or lite-on that can do PIE/PIF scanning?

What program did you use to burn the disc? Nero is not worthy of dvd+RDL discs for movies, for data it should be okay, but not for movies :rolleyes:

I don’t have any other burner, only the pioneer DVR-111.
I use dvd shrink and region free, then nero vision express and write at 2.4x

No one asked about the media brand used? Use Verbatim DL.

Nero for DL? I only can suggest ImgBurn, it is THE BEST!

You can easily rip ANY DL to hdd and then use Imgburn to burn it, you can choose the optimal layer break position if necessary.
I did this with my 110 and 111 burners.

So is ImgBurn any better?
Personally I don’t see the difference.

:rolleyes: :wink:

So is ImgBurn any better? Personally I don’t see the difference.

He said its the best, now didn’t he :stuck_out_tongue:

So you you’ve tried IMGburn and had the same results? Also as chef said, any DL media other than verbatim is considered junk!

Also in case of DVD-R DL, Imgburn will guide/ask you to succeed.

Who’s going to pay over two quid for a verbatim when you can buy the movie in the shops for a fiver.

What has that to do with the original question now?