Can you convert an external drive to internal?

Just got the PX 740-uf $49 after rebates. But it seems that it will be a lot easier to use if it were internal. My surge protector is full and my USB slots are also full, all kinds of stuff hooked up. My question is has anybody converted an external drive to an internal. Is it as easy as putting a hard drive into an enclosure and vice versa? I just don’t want to rip it in peices, still under warranty. Thanks.

Yes, it is an easy thing to do. Here’s a link to a site that will go through the process step by step. I’ve done it and after orientating yourself to it for a few minutes, it’s rather straight forward. If you have any questions, just ask me or anybody here on this forum. I would advise you to find an external enclosure that has dual USB 2.0 and Firewire. A word of advice is that Firewire will on the average be faster than USB 2.0 and if your system is an old laptop (like >4 years old) you will be able to burn the fastest using Firewire. :iagree:

Hi. Thanks for the quick reply. But I want to do the opposite. Convert an external drive to an internal. Thanks again.

It depends on the burner, but most can easily be taken out of their ‘enclosure’ and put into your computer as if it was an internal-purchased drive. If you are willing to do it, just look for screws or tabs that are holding the enclosure closed, and go to work.

Lol, sorry, I was reading it wrong. As for external into internal, it depends on the enclosure and the burner and if you have the cables to connect. This will void your warranty of course.

If you’re not worried about warranty issues, the process is very simple. Switch off all power. Open the external case, GENTLY pull out the ide ribbon cable and the power lead noting the location of the red stripe on the ribbon cable, which is line 1 IDE. Open your pc, power off. Push the drive into an empty slot. Push the spare ribbon cable (IDE line) hanging off your hard drive or already installed optical drive back into the receptacle on the newly-installed drive, with line 1 (red stripe) in the same postion as before. Push in a spare power connector. Bolt up the drive to hold it secure and, hey presto (or, as they say in Oz, “Bob’s your uncle!”)…all done. Now boot up your pc and let it do its hardware finding stuff.

Sounds easy. One problem though. There are no screws and I could not find any opening, besides from the tray ofcourse. I have the PX 710-UF.

You forgot to mention the jumper position :wink:

Hi, I’m new to the forums. Sorry for digging up this old one, but I just took apart my external dvd drive and put it into my computer. It’s a Plextor PX-716UF and the computer detects it and says it’s working properly, but it does not read any disks. When i put a disk in, nothing happends. When i click on the drive when a disk is in, it says “please instert disk into drive”. Any help would be appreaciated.

Is the disk blank? if so then it won’t be seen until it has some data on it.
Did it work in the enclosure? does it read dvd and cd?
What’s your operating system? What channel is it on? What is it set to ie. master or slave? are you using an 80 wire IDE cable.

I hooked it up w/IDE

I am running Windows XP sp3
It reads cd’s, DVD’s, cdr, rw’s dvdr and rw’s
i have it set as master.

I wasnt able to test it in the enclosure, because my computer detects everythung usb as unknown. wether i have the drivers installed or not.

Thats why i put it inside. I was able to update the latest firmware on it by messin with the jumpers. i no longer get the message “please instert disk into drive”, but now when i put a disk in the drive nothing happens. any disk. wether there is somehting on it or not… dvd or cd. and when i click on the drive, it opens the drive like if a blank disk were in there.

Try the jumper on cable select, what is the make and model of your computer.

I built it myself…

Intel Q6600 2.4
GeForce 9800GTX
2GB ddr2 800mhz
1000w antec psu
ECS NF650i-SLI mobo

ill try the cable select jumper


ill try the cable select jumper[/QUOTE]

didnt work… same thing…

I somehow got it working! Thanks guys for your support though. I just took it apart and cleaned it out… there was a little dust all over. but none that i could see in the lens, i used a micro-fiber cloth to clean it off anyways. I put it back together, and now it works great!