Can you combine "speeds"?

Would it be possible to record one hour in the SP mode, and then two more hours in the EP mode on the same disc?

I don’t have any DVD-RWs and don’t want to waste a DVD-R disc finding out the hard way that you can’t.

While I have not done this, it should work. Each recording is a separate event and you can select the speed you wish to record at for each event.

It works I have done it - like unwired said they are treated individually and any combination of various speeds will work. When you make a recodring just note the remaining time left. You’ll notice that after you stop the recording there will be a little more time left than was stated before. Just be careful not to get a disk full message as some 5005’s won’t finalize as noted in the forum and be readable in other machines.


How do I do that?

(Thanks for the reply, tho!)

The way I make sure that the disk does not get too full is to make sure I understand the time remaining on the disk based on the speed I am recording. I aim for leaving at least 5 - 10 minutes of remaining time on the disks. The 5005 has a “time remaining counter” that shows on the screen when you record. The time remaining is on the right hand side of the counter. But… this time is valid at the speed you are recording. So for example, let’s say I have been recording at 4 hour speed and the timer shows 2 hours left. That means the disk is 50% full. So at 1 hour speed I have only 30 minutes left, at 2 hour speed I have 1 hour left, at 3 hour speed I have 1.5 hours left and so on and so on…

Oh…okay. I thought the warning was “Make sure the machine doesn’t send that message.”

The warning actually was “Make sure you don’t put too much on the disc.”

That’s EASY to do. I’ve been deleting a couple commercials here and there on most shows I’m putting to disc, and everything’s been fine.

Great! :bigsmile:

Thanks guys!