Can you change track sequence?

I’m trying to make a DVD (using existing Audio_TS and Video_TS directories on my HD) that contain many short tracks - say numbered say 1 to 34.

Can I change the order in which they are played/burned? I know I can sort high to low (track number), but can I get the tracks to play “out of order” (say track 3, then 1, then 4 - and so on?).

I figured the brain trust here would know this. If CloneDVD2 can’t do this, might you suggest a program that can?


by tracks do you mean titlesets?

seems like dvd shrink would be the best way to go about this if you don’t care about menus. if you do care about menus then I don’t know where else to direct you.

in shrink if you use reauthor mode just open your first disc and add the titleset into the lefthand window. use the browser on the right side to browse to each titleset and add it to the left window. when you’re ready just back it all up.

just be sure that shrink has access to all of the folders you’re adding from throughout the process. this shouldn’t be a problem since you said they were all on your hard drive…just an extra word of caution.

the order in which you put them in the compilation window (left side) will be the order in which they play

dvd shrink does not allow menus in reauthor mode, and I’m not adept at creating or including my own menus so if you’re after that then someone else will have ot jump in.


I’ve got a DVD with about 18 old cartoons on it. In addition, there is a introduction by a celebrity that I find obnoxious. Rather then remove him entriely (which I can do easily enough because each cartoon is a separate track/titleset), I want to put his introduction at the end (not at the beginning like it is on the master DVD).

BTW: I don’t really care about menus


CloneDVD will play the titles in a specific order. You can only change the title to be played first. From the CloneDVD changelog:

Version 2005 02 05

  • New: All selected titles are now played one after the other,
    if “copy without menu” was chosen. The play order is set by
    the title number. The title marked as “first play” will always
    be played first.
    Example: Titles 10, 11, 13, 15 are selected, title 11 is marked
    as first play. The play order will be 11, 10, 13, 15.

To see the play order, sort the titles by number (not size, which is the default).

right, clonedvd wouldn’t be able to help this poster since he wants the first title to be played last and everything else in order.

unless he ripped and started changing titleset numbers I guess, but that seems like too much work when you can drag and drop in shrink.

This is a feature that’s on my wishlist for clonedvd…although as it seems from this forum EVERYONE has their own clonedvd wishlist :slight_smile: