Can you buy DVD+R longer than 120 mins?


I m new to the DVD recordering…is it possible to buy a DVD+R longer than 120 mins?? If not how does anyone record stuff over 2 hrs, any tricks? I used a DVD+RW that went to 2:12 mins but I think I was just lucky.
thank you!!

It’s the bitrate that determines how many hours you can record on a disc (a single layer, single sided DVD±R/±RW/-RAM can hold 4.7GB/4.38GiB of data). The higher the bitrate, the less hours it can hold and the better the picture quality; the lower the bitrate, the more hours it can hold and the worse the picture quality.


Or you can encode the movie into 352xxx resolution instead of the standard 720xxx. It’s also an official DVD resolution, the picture will be a little more blurry (but it’s hardly noticeable on most TV screens) and you can store more than 4 hrs of video this way (because you only need half the normal bitrate).

Yeah for example I downloaded a dvd off the net, that has around 8 hours of video on it, but at not the greatest quality, the 120 minutes is based on the DVD standard which as I’m sure you know is quite high. If you’re willing to sacrifice the quality of your video you can fit quite a bit more video on a disc. In addition I just wanted to let you know that dual layer diiscs are starting to trickle into the market and will surpass 120 minutes by several fold at sligth decrease in quality, (dual layer discs are also quite expensive right now though)

There are dual layer disks, but they need special drives to write them and they are absurdly expensive, as I found out when I asked about them here