Can you burn really LOOOOng File Names?


I got Nero ( V. ) with my LG 32X writer. I did not care to upgrade it for the reasons below.

Most of my data files and folders names are more than 100 Characters (Some up to 170 characters ) in length since Windows allows up to 255 Characters long file names.

Problem is now I can’t burn these files with Nero because they have long file names. There are literally thousands of files that I have named of more than 100 characters long and I can not change them now.

Also I would like to continue naming my files with long file names because that way I can spot the exact information I am looking for very easily.

Does anybody know a software that can burn really long file names preferably 128 characters or longer?

I know most people prefer Nero over easy cd creator or other software but I will be very happy with any software that can do a simple long file name data back up job.

I have asked this question to few people and they gave me a setting in Nero and I wasted enough cds not to mention time and frustration that two highly acclaimed burning software can’t do a very basic task.

Easy cd creator 6 have a setting for UDF file format and it would burn some files with 80 or so characters but not all. I am using a dual boot Win 98 and Win XP (Pro) system and I don’t know what UDF file system means and whether a cd recorded using UDF would save my data in a format that I can transfer to another hard disk if my hard disk ever crashed.

Finally somebody suggested that if I can find the answer anywhere on the net, this would be the place.

I would be very grateful if somebody can help.

Thank You,

Nero (latest version) should support up to 179 characters in filenames. I read it in a changelog but I cant remember for which version it was… But don’t quote me on that :slight_smile:

Discatonce and Diskjuggler support really long filenames however.

Forget Nero.

Programs with Prassi engines, like Sony CD Extreme are the most known to burn long file names (up to 212 chars).

Burnatonce (free for non-commercial use) allows up to 207 characters.

I just use zip (of XP).

Why try to find out where the fault is or wich program is better and more costing?

Just zip the zap and save the same.