Can you burn playstation games?

I wanted to know if I can burn playstation games with my HP cd writer. If I can, do I need any other stuff like software and where can i get it?

cd writers wouldn’t be any good if we couldn’t copy psx games! there’s some stuff that you need that might be too hard for you to do on your own.

list of shit:

  1. software, any of these will work fine - cdrwin, nero burning rom, clonecd, discjuggler. there’s lots more proggies i’m sure i forgot, but any of these is good.

  2. modchip - ahhh yes, the modchip. this little circuit allows to play copied games. without one, your copies won’t do a thing. this is the hardest thing to do. you need some basic electrical experience to put this baby in. i made mine myself and soldered it myself, but i don’t know if you have the electrical skills to do that.

if you don’t, you can buy one at, and try and solder it in yourself. good luck with it!

How do you play a burned ps1 game on the ps3? please let me know

[QUOTE=Jdavis242;2542438]How do you play a burned ps1 game on the ps3? please let me know[/QUOTE] Not.

Perhaps if the thing gets hacked, maybe somebody will make emulator software for it. Not a thing to be discussed on these forums.

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