Can you burn multiple VCD's to a single DVD?



Hi All!!

Sincerest apologies if this has already been answered, but I searched the forums and couldn’t find the answer…

I have a number of .avi files that I wish to burn to CD with Nero to create VCD’s. The problem is that most of them are over 700MB or 120 minutes, so won’t fit on a single CD.

I came up with the idea of using a splitter such as HJsplit to split the files into two to make a two disc VCD, but only the first half would work - the second caused an incompatible file error of some description. From reviews I’ve read other splitters have similar problems.

As a result, the idea I have come up with is to convert the .avi files into VCD /mpeg format and burn them to DVD. But with the capacity of a DVD being much larger than a CD I’m wondering if it is possible to burn multiple .avi files to a DVD for playback on a DVD player?

Possible ideas I have is to convert each individual .avi into an .mpeg then burn a data DVD. However, I’m not sure of the most effective way to do this, as it is very time-consuming - and I don’t really want to get stuck on specifics such as tinkering with audio compression, framerate conversion etc…

Also if possible, it would be cool if I could then create a menu screen with say three movies on a disc and you select which movie you want to watch. I think this has been answered elsewhere in the forums though…

If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!!


Use nerovision express, remember though you need the dvd plugin. Also nero website has full instructions on how to use. :iagree:


Thanks - I’ll give it a try!


I’ve managed to get multiple smaller .avi’s (250MB) converted to VCD with menu and all and then burnt to CD. But when I try to convert a larger .avi to a DVD, a 770MB .avi takes up 4 GB?!?! sometimes more!

How do I convert the .avi’s to VCD of a comparable size and then burn them to DVD? So, a 770MB .avi takes up 770MB, not the 4GB?