Can you burn image files as data to CD's successfully?

Ok, the title doesnt really explain my question very well, but its the best i could think of.

I use Alcohol 120 and have read in multiple games that are mounted on virtual drives. Many of these games i am unable to copy because my burner is a Yamaha 2200e (cant really copy very advanced protection).

The problem is if i want to format my computer, then i will lose all of the games.

I was wondering if you could burn the image files on your computer onto CD-R as data (dont burn the image, burn the image as a data file). It might work if the image files store the data as something writable by burners, but it also might not work because it would still be copying the same information in the file.

When you are ready to put the game back on your computer, you would copy the files from the CD and mount the image.

I know some images are over 700mb, which is ok because of the new 800 mb CD-R’s coming out.

Basically i want to know if this is possible… does Alcohol 120 store the securom information in a way such that any burner can copy it or does Alcohol 120 store the data in the unwritable way.

Would’nt it be easier to make a new image of the games after you format???

Yes you can burn the image files as data files using nero or any other mastering program.

(Note that they may or may not work if mounted to the virtual drive from a cdr but, if not, they will probably work if re-transfered back to your hard drive and then mounted.)

the purpose of burning the file to the cd would be backup… whenever i would want the backup i would copy it back to the hard drive…

i wouldnt be able to use it from the origional cd if either it got destroied (actually happened to me with Roller Coaster Tycoon and Worms Armageddon) so that is out of the question

i burnt an image of neverwinter nights onto a CD-RW this morning and will test it tonight

yay! neverwinter nights works when i back it up this way