Can you burn DVD movies with a DVD-RAM drive?



I haven’t heard anything about it, but since they now sell DVD-RAM drives (although expensive), can someone burn a DVD movie
with them? Has anyone done this?

What about Dreamcast games? I know the main problem with them is storage space on a CD-R, but with a DVD-RAM, I would
expect to have plenty of space.



Not got a d-Cast so I’ve not really tried, but I think that the D-cast uses a strange format for storing the data on the DVD. There is some special software for writing it, but its code number is registered with Sega so they know who has got it and who let it out. If you have any luck, let me know.


you can rip the movie of the DVD first and then vurn it ont CD-r check the tutorial here on freaks


Dreamcast uses a format called GD-ROM, and for now it´s impossible to copy