Can you burn audio cds from mp3s directly in WinXP?! How good is quality mp3 decoder?


I know you can burn data cds directly in WinXP, but is it true that you can also burn audio cds from mp3s with it?!

If so, which mp3 to audio decoder is used by WinXP and how good is its audio quality, cause obviously to burn the audio cd windows will somehow have to decode (on the fly?) the mp3 to cd audio format so which mp3 decoder does it use and how good is its quality compared to dedicated audio burning programs?!

Thanks for all good info!

Yes, you can burn Audio CD from XP burner. usually, when you assign files for burning, and they are all audio, when you start the wizard it asks whether you want them as Audio CD or as Data.
However, I cannot answer the second question. It works OK, and I cannot detect any lack of quiality right-off, but I haven’t listened directly. I would guess you can try with CD-RW and check if the quality is satisfactory.
Good luck.

Nobody who knows which mp3 decoder WinXP uses when burning audio cds from mp3’s. Which one does Nero use by the way and is there a difference in quality between mp3 decoders in burning programs and WinXP. Which burning program has the best mp3 decoder if you want audio cds with best audio quality? Or won’t audio quality be any different if you do it with WinXP?