Can you burn a file from hd with 1click

I’m having problems for some reason lately with either the discs (verbatim 16x +r printable face) or my burner. I keep getting rejected attempts on the write. Sometimes I simply wipe off the disc and it works, this is odd because the discs are new and untouched other than the edge rim. Other times I have to try 3 or 4 discs. However If I cancel and re-read the disc, this will most of the time work. I don’t understand why this is happening, but If someone can tell me If I can take the Info from the read off the HD, then I will not have to take the time to re-read the info twice.

Any info will be appreciated!

You could set the HD as destination and then burn from there or you could un check the delete working folder option which will leave it on your hd.

I think you meant “Source”, right? :slight_smile:

I think what was meant was that bigjo was having problems writing the disc after the read had taken place and that he/she didn’t want to have to read the disc again to have another go at burning. If that is the case then writing to the hd means that the info is ‘safe’ and that you can then have as many goes at writing as you like without having to re read the disc.

I got you. :wink: