Can you burn a CD-R with a DVD+-RW drive?


Can you burn a CD-R with a HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GWA4164B internal (IDE/EIDE) drive?

I tried buring an audio CD using Itunes and Windows Media Player and it wouldn’t burn anything.

Since I thought it was something to do with the above software, I figured I would try a different software like CDBurnerXP and still no luck. It’s telling me that the CD is not writable.

My computer is an XP Media Center SP2 with 4 GB Ram. The CD’s are blank CD-R 52X 700MB 80 Min CD’s.

I tried using a different CD to see if maybe the other one had something on it already but still no luck.

I clicked on My Computer and then selected DVD-RW and Properties and Recording and looked to make sure that “Enable CD Recording on this drive” was checked.

I checked in the Device Manager under DVD±R , and said “This device is working properly.”

I checked the Device Manager for any other conflicts and found that “Multimedia Audio Controller” had a yellow ? next to it.

What else could it be? Please advise.

By the way, see attached screen shot of error so you can see the error.



What brand of computer do you have? I would advise updating the firmware and see if it helps your burning problem, but this drive appears in several different brands of OEM computers, including Dell, HP and Packard Bell, and I don’t know where to send you for an update without knowing who made the computer.

OEM’s often times use proprietary firmware for optical drives.

The drive should be able to burn cds. But it may have a hardware problem that only affects the cd burning laser. There is a separate laser for reading and burning dvds.

iTunes is a perfect crap choice, its the truth.

Just use a free & great burning app like Imgburn!