Can you burn 16x dvd with 8x dvd burner?

can you burn 16x dvd with 8x dvd bruner??? well ill b looking forward to your replies :wink:

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you can use 16x rated media on 8x writers. But as these (rather old) drives normally don’t have firmware support for that new generation of discs, the results will be poor.

I suggest sticking (and stocking up) with 8x media. Or buy a new burner.


The results CAN be poor, but you can often get very good results on an 8x burner IF the firmware supports the media. So it just depends on what combination of media/burner/firmware you are using together. I have 3 different 8x burners and I’ve gotten good results with the 16x media I’ve used in them, although that’s because they supported the media being used. In any case, you can only burn at 8x speed on an 8x burner regardless of the media’s rated speed. Using 8x media is the surest bet because there’s a greater chance of proper support, however if you tell us what model of burner you have we may be able to also suggest what 16x media may work well with your drive if you cannot find sources of good 8x media.

What burner do you have ? NEC 2510 has some support for 16x media, and burns them acceptably (I’ve tried MCC004 & TDK003).

Other drives I’ve had or heard of less success include Lite-on and Pioneer.

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It depends on whether the firmware in your burner supports the 16x rated media you want to burn, if it doesn’t the result is unpredictable and can be very bad.

If you tell us which drive and frmware you have and which 16x media you’re thinking about using, then perhaps someone can tell you if it will work.

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I’d buy a new 16x dvd burner. Here in Australia I can get a Liteon165PS, LG GSAH10N, or a pioneer 111D all for 50 bucks each.

No point in sticking with an old 8x