Can you blend slide shows and movies?

I am making a “movie” for my sons elementary graduating class and have movies from field trips etc…I was really wanting to add their class pictures from K-4 and didn’t know how to add them to the movie. Can it be done with slide show? Any ideas would be appreciated…
Thanks and have a GREAT day!

what are you using to edit the footage? any editing program should allow you to add the images and specify the length of time you want them on screen. then you just add transitions between each photo.

i don’t understand how you would intend on incorporating a “slideshow” into the video?

With any decent video editing software, you can add still photos with transition effects, before a movie, during a movie, or after a movie. You just have to make sure that you don’t mess up the sound track. With good video software, you can lock the sound track, then split the video in places to add stuff. You can then insert background music or voice over during the photo slide show, or simply have no sound there at all.

Wonderful! I will try to mess with it :slight_smile: Thanks

I want to add their class photos in the beginning of the movie that’s why I need to try to do this - so we can see how they have grown :slight_smile: