Can you answer me my question!?!?!?



I have a question for you about cdr’s.

I have several brand’s of CDR’s.
But when I hold some brand’s of CDR’s for my computerscreen I can see things trough de cdr what is on the computerscreen.

But when I take some other brand’s ans hold them also for the computerscreen I don’t see anything.

Makes this any difference between the quality
of CDR’s.

I hope you can answer my question.

Thanks a lot


Ik heb een vraag voor jullie over cdr’s

Ik heb verschillende merken CDR’s.
Maar wanneer ik sommige CDR’s voor mijn beeldscherm houd zie ik de dingen die ook op mijn beeldscherm staan door de CDR heen.

Maar wanneer ik andere merken pak en houd ze ook voor het beeldscherm dan zie ik niks.

Maakt dit verschil ook verschil in de kwaliteit van de CDR.

Ik hoop dat je me vraag kunt beantwoorden


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Yes, it makes a difference…
quality sucks, these cds never last long!
copied stuff on it once, half year l8er need it again, tried to copy it, and full of errors! Stuff not working and so on…

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i gotta disagree with asshole…er, slingthing, you can see through imation cds, and they are of the highest quality. they also use a lighter colored dye than the other discs. for instance, verbatim are good and they use dark blue dye, so you can’t see through em, and imation are good, and they use light green dye, and you can see through them. so, it’s really the quality of the dye, not the thickness or opagueness of the disc that you should look for.


The brand of CDR’s which I have are:

You can see something:
Fuji Film 80 min.
That’s Write 80 min.

You can’t see something:
Philips Premium 74 min.
Trust 80 min.
Fuji Film 74 min.
Lead Data 74 min.



Hey Mister-AltyerEgo-Wise-Elite-from-my-ass-litlle-fuck-borned by accident-man named
Squage , Fuji cds are known to be fuck!
Just like you Squawa!

Bierhof, same is for the nasty Kodaks!

Ever had probs with philips and stuff don’t think so!

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in my limited experience in cd-rs ive found that the verbatim cd-rs are pretty shitty. ive got several that are brand new and will not let my cd writer write to them, gives me errors ive tried ez cd creator, nero, and other progz with same results. but when i try another brand of cd i can copy on it. im not 100% sure that its the cds themselves yet but im almost sure i still need to try a few more tests. but i can get verbatim cd-rs at sams club for $20 for a 20 pack thats a pretty good deal, but not when 14 of the 20 are usless shit like the last batch i bought.

ok thats my 2 cents worth take it for what its worth :wink:


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it don’t make even sens if you can look thru the cds… (this is what people say if they don’t now much from cd writing, if you now how your burner works, you now that its bullshit)

but I agree that fuji and kodak are crap
(that’s write are very good they have the same quality as philips because they were made in the same factory, read computer totaal).

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see, crash knows what i’m saying. it DOESN’T matter if you can see through them or not, its the quality of the dye. any more disagreements, slingblade?

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here is the reason that some cds are shitty

-all the cdrs have got a little bit silver on it, one more than an other. This silver is for reflecting the laser of your burner
if you have an cdr with less silver on it then it is harder for the laser to burn in the cdr and then comes the errors and the shitty cds!!!

-the silver is also for the protection of the cdrs, from scrates and stuff like that…

(this silver can not be seen by the open eye)

That’s why it’s bullshit if people talking about cdrs were you can look thru!!!


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