Can you add mp3's as part of a DVD

compilation? Maybe even make the MP3s an option at the menu?

I’ve been asked to convert 3 .avi files to DVD format and the folks also want to add a couple of MP3s to the disc.

I can handle making the DVDs without any issues, but I’m not sure about adding the MP3s.

As far as I am aware, mp3 isn’t one of the supported formats for dvd audio. I think you’d need to convert them to pcm, mp2 or ac3. Don’t take that as gospel though, since I’ve never tried to add an mp3 into a dvd. I’m just pointing out that mp3 is not on the approved list of audio formats.

A good authoring program should be able to add these converted files and let you to make separate buttons on the menu to access them if that is what you intend. Which program are you using? DVDLab Pro can make what they call an Audio Title, which is a “movie” that has only audio, or just one still frame while the audio plays.

Thanks for the info. I created the first copy of the dvd using ImTOO DVD Creator, but the menu didn’t turn out quite like I wanted so I’m going to redo it.

I might give DVDLab a try.

You can use MP3 as an audio track for video. I’d suggest creating a separate title for each MP3, then use any images you like, or a slide-show, for the video. Any video editor can do this for you, and some authoring tools can too. Anyways, once you create all the titles, just author them into one DVD with a nice menu.

mp3 is mpeg1 layer 3, a suitable format for VideoDVD is mpeg1 layer 2.

Cool . . . as always the folks here are very helpful.