Can x box games be copied

Just wondering, I have read that some people backup ps2 games, was wondering if xbox games can be copied also?

Yes they can - however it is a lot more complicated than a PS2 game. A normal Xbox game can not be read by a PC - so you have to connect your PC to your Xbox - and get the Xbox to read the game!!

It’s not rocket science, but it’s not as straightforward. Abrown15 has it pretty much right.

On a PS2 you just copy the disc. Easy as pie. You need a MOD chip or some other method of tricking the system into booting a copy, but the actual copy is absurdly easy to make.

On the XBox, however, the disc is encrypted. AFAIK, no decryption software exists for the PC. So yes, you rig up a little mini-network, boot a custom disc on the XBox and get it to rip the DVD and send it over the network to the PC for burning.

The XBox will then boot the unencrypted copy as well.

As stated above the FTP method is the only option as the data on an Xbox disc is written in reverse - the drive reads outside to inside, so a standard CD/DVD-ROM cant read it. (one of the best forms of console protection I’ve ever heard of) Your going to need a modchip: xecuter 3 is the best IMO. BIOS for said chip: IRC is the only place to find it. A Dashboard: Slayers Evox is an excellent choice. Xbox iso creation software and something to burn it back to disc. The best site for all the info and a forum dedicated to this process is:

Hey ryanch… You’ve gotten some pretty good answers to your question except one thing has not been mentioned. And that it is illegal to do so. And we on this forum don’t condone this type of activity. But I do believe it’s legal to make one copy for your own personal use as long as you own the original being copied. Just an FYI for you. Welcome to the forum.

I just have one question! How do you copy the xbox games that are over 6gigs in size hmm having a bit of a pridicament here i have some game i want to back up but how do i put dem on DVD…Thanks in advance

yes sportfish. I do understand the legalities of not owning disks that you burn. I just ordered my xbox 360 a few days ago so I probably will never even copy an xbox game. Also, i own every xbox game i would ever want to play. Mostly the EA sports titles and the GTA franchise. I was more or less just wondering because i have never seen a burned x box game but have seen plenty of ps2 games. Anyways, thanks for the welcoming.

So I have to ask… What do most people on this forum do? All ryanch asked was it possible to ‘backup’ Xbox games - and forum member kindly answered him. Why do you presume he wanted to do something illegal?

I feel that anyone should have the right to backup up any digital media that they legally buy - especially since I have 2 small children, who like to eat, crush, hit with hammers, smear with jam, etc anything that comes into reach.

Actually it sounded more like a friendly reminder to me. We PRESUME that you’re just making backups, and will happily continue to provide information until/unless you indicate otherwise. Many people, sadly, indicate otherwise. Their SECOND post goes “hey ok so I downloaded some .ISO files of games and how do I use those?”

So he was just given fair warning. At least that’s how I read it. :wink:

A15brown, thanks. Was a little offended by the post at first. Not sure if he was presuming i was planning on doing something illegal or was assuming that I live under a rock and don’t know the laws that govern backing up dvd’s and games. He could have posted that under 99.9 percent of the topics on this forum as they all have to do with backing up something. Anwyays, I’ll take it as a friendly reminder.

Look through here. There are some xbox topics there.

For those games you would have to do some compression of the videos and other things to get it to DVD size. The easiest thing to do is just copy it to the Xbox hard drive (hopefully you’ve replaced it), saves you from having to hassle with compression. Or, if you feel its safe, download a copy thats already been compressed.

[QUOTE=Electrox3d Or, if you feel its safe, download a copy thats already been compressed.[/QUOTE]

Now, that would be totally illegal in most countries - and I am sure against forum rules to discuss such things!!

Yip, that bit crosses the boundaries. Electrox3d please don’t suggest the downloading of illegal files. This is against our rules. :cop:

Discussing how to copy a game for backup purposes is okay but you must own the original…