Can Write Strategies be changed on the Pioneer 109?

Im just wondering if this is possible like on the LiteOn drives?

For example, changing the RitekG05 strategy to G06… can this sort of thing be done on the Pioneer 109?

Not at this time…

Do you think this will be available in the future? or is it just not possible with this make?

Well apparently the firmware is encrypted, so my guess is no one is going to go to that trouble just to swap write strategies.

ahh I understand now, ok thanks for the info!

One last thing, is it true that once you flash the Pioneer 109 with a newer firmware, you then cant flash back to an older firmware version?

As I saw a notice on the Pioneer website saying this, but surely it cant be true? I mean what if you have say 1.50 & flash to a newer version only to find its now worse!

It’s true using Pioneer’s own flashers, but you can go back using DVRUpdate (a 3rd party tool).

Ah thank god for that, as not being able to go back to an older firmware sucks!, what on earth was pioneer thinking!

Name only one manufacturer which allows to do so… you’ll find none.

ummm…how about PLEXTOR. My 716 can be flashed up and down as long as it is not lower than the orginal firmware that it came with.

Maybe that’s the reason why they are so damn expensive. :?: