Can WinAMP make this much difference?

just bought myself an 812S on the weekend and various media to do some testing. burning with stock US0J firmware atm on a p4 2.6 with 512meg ram. Media is advertised and sold as Ritek…disc actually has RiData [4x] on the blue labels and the code is RICOHJPN01. First disc was an iso image of a dvd-rom game and second was a bunch of .avi files. All files read from the same hdd on secondary master, the 812S is on secondary slave.

the attached kprobe scans show a HUGE difference in errors. the only difference was that while burning the second disc i was running winamp which was reading mp3’s off a shared network drive over 100mbit using the shuttles onboard nic. winamp was paused while doing the second kprobe scan. does this slight cpu usage account for such a large difference in the scans?

the third image shows some “JVC” branded 2.4x media, burnt w/out winamp running. r these type of results acceptable? should i be running the krpobe at 1x or 2x when scanning media burnt at 2.4x?

sorry for the long winded first post…thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time out to respond.