Can we split a DVD with DVD2one?

I would like to back up my MASH TV series DVDs using DVD2one. The only problem is, I want to maintain the original quality. I know when we back up a DVD 9 movie, that if it’s over 4.37 gigs in size, we will lose some quality when using DVD2one to back it up. But since MASH consists of 8 episodes on each disc, isn’t there anyway that we can back up just 4 episodes on each disc and maintain the original quality using DVD2one? If not, I wonder if this will be an option in the future. It seems like a feature people would want, if they are trying to maintain original quality and are trying to back up 25 minute TV shows. What do you all think?


It is hard to do it with d2one. You have to use other applications to accomplish what you want. I have the same problem with the Sopranos :a .

I would suggest you to download dvdshrink 1.03 version. You can select the first 4 episodes and put it on one disc. Then go back and select the other 4 episodes and burn then on a different disc. The nice thing about this software is that it can create the VOBs and others withoug a hitch!! It works!!! :cool:

Encode all the .vob files to one folder,and
re-number them.It should work…

dvdXcopy works great for splitting a dvd9 over 2 dvdr disks…

DVDXcopy does the job, but it does not allow you to decrop the warnings and other useless information:p