Can we recover data from formatted hard drive?

I have the 40GB Lap Top Hard Drive (Toshiba MK-4019 GAXB) that was corrupted and all partitions disappeared. Look like that it was resulted from the installation of Win XP Service Pack 2 since I swapped another known to be in good order hard drive and all partitions disappeared. I have no other way but format the hard drive and reinstall Win XP Service Pack 1.

Somebody recommended that I should try to recover the data after reinstallation the O/S. I have formatted and only install new OS but not other programs. Is there anyway that I can try to recover the datas? If there is, which method or program that is efficient in doing so? I used to download some recovery programs but most of them could not recover the large files or cost too much to purchase. I just need the simple program that can do the job.


If you formatted the broken drive already then you’re pretty much screwed. There is a slight chance you may get some files out though but no guarantees.

For data recovery you can try this:

Another software I used before is GetDataBack, I used it to help a friend retrieve his files for his personal business and it was able to retrieve all his important files back.

It’s worth a try to try as many software as you can to try to get your data back if it is that important otherwise don’t count on ever getting your data back. Once you reformatted and reinstalled the OS you already lost most of your files. Your best chances of recovering the files was when your drive was still broken.

Search through google

first of you should know the basics , when a file is deleted it only becomed invisible (its gone from file listing,but still remains in the sectors,unless overwritten by new data) , you alredy formatted and reinstalled the os which pretty much screwd it up bigtime , as said you might be able to recover some data but defintly not all of it (cuz you overwritten alot of data when you reinstalled the operating system) , also you should be aware that any further modifications to the hard drive (new/modified files) will lower your chances even more even if you dont install anything new (temp files etc.) , so its highly recommended first of to stop using the laptop and second to take out the hard drive and use a 2.5 to usb adapter to connect it to another computer or an external 2.5 enclosure then while its connected to that other computer use a data recovery software (IMO getdataback,power data recovery,file scavenger are some of the best) and remember from reasons specified above [B]DO NOT[/B] install the data recovery software to the hard drive you wanna recover data from and also when selecting to which hard drive/partition to recover the data to [B]DO NOT[/B] save it to the hard drive your recovering it from this is very important , good luck :smiley:

Seagate now has a downloadable program for data recovery in this very situation. You can download a free trial that will tell you if any data can be recovered, so you don’t have to pay for it if it won’t help you.

thank you all and your suggestion. thanks ,I will try using Data Recovery tool - Partition Table Doctor( or EASEUS DataRecoveryWizard(
It is said that they are the best one among it’s family.

Did the suggested option work