Can we increase the maximum size of the avatars?

to 100 x 100. I have alot that I do not want to have to trim (ie animated). I see we have enough room on the left to put on that size there.

Remember that there are several people who have to access this forum with low bandwith. Bigger and especially animated avatars increase the size that users need to download.

Peronally I have no problem with setting the maximum size for avatars to 100x100, but I am not planning to increase the maximum file size, for reasons explained in this recent thread.

Thanks, I did not see that post because its heading had nothing to do with its content.

No problem…as it is my job to read all forum related topics, I did know about it. And since I am lazy, I rather refer to the thread than retyping it :bigsmile:

Didnt we ban all those yet?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Didnt we ban all those yet??

:a nope, i am (maybe the last one?!?) on 56k here… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the smoking monkey is rite!! People with high bandwidth usually forget when they had 56k too…

In this contest, I think OC-Freak wins as “high poster on dialup connection” :wink:

once you have cable modem you never will go back…at least I wont…Ill use satellite downloads even if I had to (if I lived in the sticks…which thank god I do not). :stuck_out_tongue:

Off Topic:

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Wouldn’t bother me if the avatars increased to 100x100.


Fart?? hes got a load in his pants!

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I think we could increase the pixal limit but put on a file size limit which would make everyone happy. But, I am not sure on how EZboard handles it.

lapinou gets a 108x88 avatar :iagree:

ben :slight_smile:

was up with that?? Preferential treatment? Boycott!!

i know, and it would look nearly as good at 64x64



oh well, im happy with my 64x64 gnome :slight_smile:

We should have a sub-forum for people with broadband. Perhaps two, one for 1MB/s to 1GB/s. The other for 10KB/s to 0.999MB/s.

i have cable - but all your avatars are ugly. they are all turned off.

you have the right to enjoy my ugly avatar, however :smiley:

That’s not ugly, it’s “refined”… :slight_smile: