Can we fix read problems with lower speed read? : An experiment



Here is a disc my 2500A can’t read in it’s full speed scan. In fact, the disc changes color drastically from region to region. (G04 starting with J3 in the inner ring, burned with my old pioneer 105 drive. All the blame to the drive, not the media.)

You can see that near 2G mark, 2500A stops reading the disc.
The burned dye color isn’t good there :Z .

Maximum Speed (8x CAV) Scan
<img src=‘’>

Nero DriveSpeed allows me to fix the read speed. (But CD Bremse can’t. :confused: ) At the bad spot, it struggles but doesn’t give up.

4x CLV Speed Scan
<img src=‘’>

For those who experienced problem reading with 2500A, can you test how much you can improve with 4x CLV or even lower(2x, 1x, …) speed reading?
DriveSpeed enables you to lock at various CLV speed.

@ I used an existing disc that other drive produced. But I expect a bad(?) disc 2500A produce will show a similar enhancement.

@ A question : How can I show the figure only in the main text? Currently it is shown twice and I can’t hide the attached ones. (I don’t feel like to use an external source.) I’m not used to the posting system here.