Can we edit types of

My dvd drive is a 1653S. i ve recently applied CSOT.

Before CSOT , i was able to burn DVD+R media discs (even at a pathetic low speed) but after using CSOT i m not…I ve bought a dvd-r now just to try if i can burn it and yes it works…

the prob is taht i ve already bought some quantity of the dvd+r and i was wondering if there is a way ( through omnipatcher or some special command or firmware) to allow/command my drive to burn both dvd-r and dvd+r ro should i stick only to the ones that r working now with CSOT (meaning the dvd-r only?)

Also , while testing to burn on the dvd-r i received a power calibration error on 8x speed but it was ok on 4x i tried after…

the media i used was : dvd+r creation and the dvd-r of Dysan

is there any reccomended media,dvd types is hould use on my 1653S with CSOT?

Apologies for my moderate english and thanks in advance for your replies and advice :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!

Your drive should be able to handle DVD+R without problems. I suspect, you are using poor media. Please run Nero CD/DVD Speed or DVD Identifier and post the results here.