Can we drive and watch a DVD movie at the same time?



I just posted the article Can we drive and watch a DVD movie at the same time?.

  In  South Africa, just like every other part of the globe, the issue of driving your car whilst watching a DVD on a LCD movie player is being wrestled with. Right now, technology...
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Current studies have shown that mental performance drops significantly when multi-tasking, leading researchers to declare that we do not perform at 100 % when synchronously. trying to perform various task We all know that you cannot safely drive and watch a pretty woman, let alone a movie, at the same time. If you disagree, I urge you to count to 10 and read this paragraph at the same time. Did you comprehend what you read as you were counting? The reason why we generally can communicate with fellow passengers or listen to the radio is because we are devoting one sense (listening) to the passenger and the other (seeing) to traffic and the surroundings. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.


Been awhile and I may be misremembering the studies, but I seem to recall that the passenger is also in the same environment as the driver, and can pick up on both the driver’s non-verbal cues as well as the context of the vehicle, and can modify their verbal behavior (and even the driver’s) appropriately. I also seem to recall that being present in a car does not necessarily carry the social obligation that the driver must speak to you, whereas being on a phone does carry such an obligation…


>>>> Here is another thing to consider, just how safe are these handy LCD GPS screens, that help us navigate to the nearest ATM?


There are cars that don’t let turn on the TV/Movie function if the engine is on. I’ve a BMW X5 and there’s NO WAY to watch a movie while driving. :frowning: Only Radio, CD/Audio DVD, GPS and onboard computer functions are available.


I have no problems with the passengers spending their time watching movies, however, lets face it, if the driver’s eyes are on the movie, they are not on the road and a rear-ender can happen very quickly. I was recently involved in two accidents, 6 months apart, and in both cases I suspect the drivers were on their cell phones. In the latest one, the driver claimed she did not pay attention to the traffic light, which she did not stop for and I subsequently ran into her. In the earlier incident, I noticed after the accident that the lady had her cell phone in hand as she came to check on my family and I, who she sent into a ditch when she hit us because she did not stop in the median when she was attempting to cross the highway we were on, yet she was not calling 911, I had to grab my wife’s cell phone and call 911. Later I found out she claimed that the sun was in her eyes, yeah right. In the latest accident, the lady admitted she was in the wrong, so her insurance paid out very quickly, in the earlier case she tried to blame me, but after her insurance co. investigated the situation and saw that her side of the story didn’t add up, they finally admitted fault although it took approx. 2 months. (Note: While in my case the two people who caused these accidents were women, I am in no way meaning to imply that women drivers and cell phones don’t mix, I am now a fervent believe that ANY driver, man or woman, should not be using one while driving, if you need to call out or answer the phone, pull over risking an accident is not worth it.) Sermon over.:B
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Yes but if you are fool enough you can bypass those limitations with a simple mod… :d


Lets face it, you cant safely change lanes and do turns while on the phone or have other distractions. Next time when you see someone being a jackass ahead of you, cath up with them and look inside - chances are the person is talking on the cell. Bottom line of the preach - be respectful to people around you. Dont screw their lives trying to be a king of the road. Cheers


I would be most happy to see the use of cell phones while driving become an instant fine. But watching a DVD while driving? Are people really that stupid?? I know the answer… Damn right they are!


Considering most young drivers today cannot march and chew gum at the same time, driving and chatting on the phone or watching movies sends shivers up my spine…Oops sorry marge I have to go, I think I just run over a child…:X


Well there are already motor vehicle laws set in place which prohibit the operator of a vehicle from playing any type of television device (except Satellite Nav Screens) in view of the operator, whether or not the operator can even see the screen of such a device… Basically implies that NO television device can be operated in the front portion of the vehicle while its in motion because the device itself is in view of the operator and not just the screen…


If people pick up there high way code book now and then and could read the dam thing they would see the stopping speed between cars. most accidents if not all are caused by people going to fast and driving to close together and thinking they can stop there car just like that when doing 110 mph on the motorway, its people like that what should be ban from driving for life, they should have there licence taken away from them. if im driving 70 which is the legal limit where I am which I never break, matter of fact I only do 65 mph because yes 70 is the limit but that does not mean you have to do 70 does it? example here im driving 65 and I got someone coming up behind doing 110 I need to slam my breaks on for what ever reason, how is that person behind going to stop with out hitting me? Guess what they can’t so you get the result of an accident. Watching DVDs when driving its just mad and anyone court doing so should be ban from driving for life for being such a dam idiot. if they want to play with there life’s let them but do it somewhere else not on the road with other people that value there life’s.


ibod, I heard about a guy who bought an RV and while driving it, he decided he wanted a cup of coffee. Not wanting to stop, he set the speed control to whatever speed he was doing and then went back to make himself some coffee. Needless to say, he got into an accident. The sad part was he sued the RV maker and WON because they did not explicitly state in their owner’s manual that cruise control was not an autopilot feature and that the driver needs to stay behind the wheel of the vehicle even when the cruise control is on! Can’t believe how stupid the jury was that found for the idiot driver.:frowning:


Yea and ligitimate ones they throw out… But who is more of an idiot, the driver of the RV or the jury that found in favor for him?


Guys, whatever you do, dont drive 5 miles below the limit. For it makes me want to drive a tank. Cheers;)


Toyota Prius owners might want to check this out… you can hack the screen and put any video/audio into the system


And everybody else of the size and IQ may want to check out my remedy: Cheers :slight_smile:


Guys, whatever you do, dont drive 5 miles below the limit. For it makes me want to drive a tank. Cheers if you go 5mph more, then that is the very fastest you can go where I live with out breaking the law and I intend to stay with in the law. I cant stand people that break the law with speeding they should be locked up, there are other drivers on the roads that value there life and like I said you want to act like a dam idiot on the road you go and do it somewhere else.