Can we copy Unreal Tournament 2 yet 1:1?

Sorry I’ve been in the hospital in and out and just wondering. what is the newest clone cd. someone please fill me in for the past couple months.

thanks everyone

You can make a copy that will work using bilindwrite,
or you can use a tool called twinpeak written by blackcheck (search forum) to adjust the sector density of a clonecd or alcohol (in clone cd format)image to get a copy that will work once burned to a cd. You have to use blindwrite’s BWA builder to get the info that twinpeak needs though.

These backups should load the game but might not install correctly in some drives, in which case you’ll have to make another backup without the copy protection in order to install from, so in effect its not a perfect solution, but It is a solution at least.

Emulation is also possible using alcohol or daemon tools.