Can we copy Disney DVD's?

We are using DVDFab to copy the DVD’s and cannot seem to get Disney DVD’s to copy. Somehow we copied some last year, but my husband cannot remember what he did to copy them. I am assuming they have a copyright protection on them, but since we did it before, we should be able to do it again. Any ideas on how to do it? Thanks!

I am using Platinum I am not sure if it is the most recent, but it had to be the one we used before.

Are you using the most recent version?

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I don’t have any trouble making backup copies of Disney DVD’s :smiley:
update to version 5232 and try going into common settings and disabling PathPlayer, if that doesn’t work then try it as a;ways enabled

I also have not had any real issues backing up Disney dvd’s.

Where is the actual hang-up occuring? The more information you can provide the better off we are. :wink: