Can we copy a dvd that is not an original?

hi, I’m wondering if we can copy a dvd that is already a copy (not an original)?

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Sure, no problem, just use the 2nd button CloneDVD to make the copy.
No need to have AnyDVD running since copy protection already removed.

Having AnyDVD running shouldn’t hurt. If you don’t switch it off, you can’t forget to switch it on. :slight_smile:
CloneDVD 3rd button would probably be the better choice, you can even copy disk to disk with it.

ok but when you talk about 2nd button it’s Clone a dvd with all the titles and menu? And 3rd button is to write existing files?

In fact, since I have clone dvd, I only do the 2nd button. The other ones I don’t know how to use them.

@ boomette1,

It might be beneficial to you to read the CloneDVD User Manual. Information on how to use CloneDVD can be obtained by reviewing the CloneDVD User Manual. The CloneDVD Manual can be accessed in the following manner. On the CloneDVD opening page click on “Help” located on the top upper right hand corner on the opening page. The CloneDVD manual will appear.

For information on how to use AnyDVD “Right Click” on the area you desire information about and a Pop Up Window will appear which provides information on that function.

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Keep in mind when you use the second button on the menu you will get the exact copy of the original. The problem that lies here is you are giving up quality over quantity.

I personally use only the top button with preserve menus. What this does is keeps only the movie and only the menu function of changing chapters.
If you click on all the extra options that may be on that DVD you won’t get them because they are not there. I like this feature because I can change to a different chapter quickly and you don’t lose too much space by using it.
What it does do is give you a better quality of the movie because it does not have to compress the files as much. Remember the single layer disk you are using can only fit 1/2 the information on it then the original, the more you remove the better the finished product.

Do a test and put a store bought DVD and use CloneDVD button 2 and see what the final compression rate is, the closer to 100 % the better. Do not burn the disk. Then keep hitting the back button until you get to the main menu. Now select the top button and do the same process. You will see a big difference, it is much closer to 100 % then the Clone selection. This will give you a better quality of the movie.
Keep in mind sound is never effected, that always remains the same.
Also on the sound streams only check AC3\6 and uncheck all the others, this will give you Doby 5.1 stereo. Sometimes disks also come in DTS Audio but that uses more space and not all stereo players can play it. By selecting both DTS and AC3\6 you are giving up much disk space that can be used for a better quality movie.

Please read the help file in CloneDVD available in the upper right hand side of the screen, it will explain many things to you.

bjkg I know for the manual. But in fact, at first when I saw it, I understood nothing.

itzbinnice thank you for the way you explain to me. I’ll try like you said tomorrow. For tonight, I did enough with Clone DVD.

I have a little question. On the second page of Clone DVD, in the bottom, we have a choice of :


Which one is better? I always put DVD-5 because it was like that. I use DVD-R so is it better to do something else?

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Use the DVD-5, this is the setting for standard DVD disks you buy.
If you use DVD-R media that is your best choice since they will play in most players.

The DVD+R DL is for the newer Dual Layer (DL) disks that have enough room to copy the original but you must have a burner capable of burning them and they are still very expensive to buy. Cheapest I saw them for was 5.00 US. If you make a mistake with these it will be a very expensive mistake.

thank you for the fast reply :slight_smile:


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