Can we burn little videos with CloneDVD?

Do you think I can burn little videos I made with a digital camera?
Sure I don’t have enough to fill a complete dvd. But can I put 3-4
videos on a dvd and complete it later? And since I erase sonic DLA,
can CloneDVD or CloneCD burn these videos?

@ boomette1,

Your are going the have to have some means to get your Digital Camera video on to your computer hard drive and then use a DVD authoring software program similar to TMPGenc DVD Author ( to assemble your Digital Camera video into the DVD format.

What you are asking is out of the realm of the of the design function of the CloneDVD software program.

What you are seeking is a Video Capture and DVD Authoring software program, which CloneDVD is not.

Best Regards,