Can we also talk about the PS3 here?



Would like to know the best way to rip a BR disk to store on my NAS to play on the PS3.

Is MKV the best format to store and play in? What would you use to get from the BR disk to MKV?

I have some BR disks and ordered a BR drive for my PC. Would rather backup to the NAS and play at several locations in the house vs. tracking down the disks.



Try MakeMKV to go from Blu ray to an .mkv file.

Be aware that it cannot always decrypt Blu ray disks with the latest types of BD+ protection, so you’ll need AnyDVD HD for those.

Apparently they have improved decryption for BD+ quite a lot though and the most recent version of the program is from this month.


Thanks for your reponse…have downloaded the program and will try it. Already have AnyDVD for regular DVS.