Can VLC Media Player play bluray files / Blu-Ray movies?

I downloaded VLC Media Player 0.8.6H and was wondering if this program will play HD DVD and Blu-Ray movies. I tried to play and HD DVD movie and I got and error message. Is is possible? Thanks!

In a general sense Video Lan Player will not play HD-DVD or Blu-Ray.


Currently VLC will only play individual TS/M2TS/MKV files but not Blu-ray or HD DVD “disc”.

Thanks! What about Media Player Classic ?

I don’t have Media Player Classic installed but from what I read, it doesn’t play blu-ray / hddvd. It can play single ts files though but VLC is more stable.

I think we’re limited to PowerDVD or WinDVD.
I prefer PowerDVD.

If you have enough CPU and graphics power, it can play a AVC/H.264 .m2ts file. I cannot get VLC to play a VC-1 file.

So you if you use it with AnyDVD HD you can extract .m2ts files from some of your BluRays/HD-DVDs and play them in VLC. You can probably even play them directly from the disc.

This requires hunting through the disc structure and finding the right .m2ts files, much like you used to have to do with DVDs in the early days before VLC understood DVD menu structure.

Some movies will play in other languages because the English audio is in DTS-HD MA, TrueHD or PCM, formats that VLC doesn’t understand. So it selects the first track it understands, which is a non-English Dolby Digital audio track.

Actually it is possible to play Blu Ray content with folders on the HD containing BD, however, you only get excellent video without audio. Lip reading it a real drag when you’re trying to enjoy The Dark Knight.

any update on vlc bluray? Does vlc 1.0 play blu ray or do we still have to use PowerDVD / WinDVD?

I play all video files with VLC.

When you say Blu-ray to mean does VLC play it just like Power DVD?

But it does play the .mt2s in the stream folder no problem.

[QUOTE=HDwhizz;2506408]any update on vlc bluray? Does vlc 1.0 play blu ray or do we still have to use PowerDVD / WinDVD?[/QUOTE]

I just got a blu ray drive really cheap from a friend at work and it is OEM which means it has no blu ray software!

Looking around the net I have found players that cost $90! (almost the price of a new drive!) and the only free player I found sounds just like VLC in that it only does DVD decoding.

Some people say I should RIP to HDD and then re-compress to another format but I don’t know what that would involve. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let us know if/what you find?


So far I have to been able to play anything on the Samsung internal Blu Ray drive. I have tried up to date powerdvd 8, and a couple free players, but nothing has worked… I am not going to pay for a better player, so I just play them from the HDD. Although playing the disk seems very problematic, ripping the main movie stream to the HDD is a piece of cake, and they seem to play no problem in pretty much anything now, even the windows media player… I have not tried to play in VLC yet.

[QUOTE=HDwhizz;2506408]any update on vlc bluray? Does vlc 1.0 play blu ray or do we still have to use PowerDVD / WinDVD?[/QUOTE]

if you mean blu-ray with menus, java, and all the DRM, then no, it will not play original disc

If you mean files from the blu-ray copied to the hdd, then yes.