Can VeloSSD Cache HDD Boot Disk?

Hello Everyone,

My first time to post :slight_smile:

I have a question:

  • Primary boot is msata ssd 64GB.

  • msata ssd to contain windows system files on 200mb primary partition. The rest to be used as dedicated cache.

  • HDD contains boot, page file, and windows / program/files/data folders.

Will setup work and can VeloSSD cache the HDD right from boot?
This way I only need to setup new msata ssd for my current HDD.

Thanks, in advance! :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention I’m using Lenovo Y580 and it doesn’t comply with Intel RAID/RST/Acceleration feature.
I’m not considering using rapidrive coz I don’t like my files being moved across the hybrid storage.

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Hi again,
the current version of VeloSSD will not work with a situation as you described.
We will make a software update available in a few days that removes this limitation.
For some reasons Windows creates the system reserved volume on the ssd device when it is connected at windows install. But boots the OS from the other ( hard) disk device.
Thanks for that one !
( a workaround would be to disconnect the SSD at windows install, or change its sata port number.)

Many thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:

If VELOSSD can do it then it will really help simplifying windows install when using msata ssd and reduce system and application writes on ssd specially logs ($LogFile, $Mft, userlogs, antivirus, hiberfil as well, etc., …) if windows is installed on it. At least this is what I think velossd doesn’t cache :smiley:

looking forward on your update… thanks again!

Hi, this is a software update for VeloSSD2012
according to this thread problem description.

It is version plus the ability to use ssd´s
which contain a system reserved volume as cache medium.

A System reserved volume is a small space at the start
of a disk, it contains files windows uses to boot.

This situation may happen when you install windows
on your hdd with the SSD being connected.

The pictures show typical cases, that didn´t work before.

Download Url:

A major Update is scheduled for the first quarter of 2013.
It will introduce support for Volumes being larger then 2 terabyte.
And the usage of RAM as an additional cache level.