Can v partition the sd card (SanDisk 2 GB - SD - Standard flash memory card)

[qanda]This thread is about the SanDisk 2 GB - SD - Standard flash memory card. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]hi

can any1 know about it

is it possible to partition the sd card example if it is 2gb so we can partition it into 2 partition of 1gb.

in my sd controller which is in symbian c++ version 9.3 having one slot for sd i.e drive e:

can we partition the drive example if 2gb card having e: drive can we partition it into g: drive and h: drive respectively for 2 partition of 1gb.

so can we use 2 different drive g: and h: from the single slot e: drive

Flash memory cards and USB Flash Drives are considered removable storage and as such are presumed to only have one partition. You will not be able to partition such a device into multiple partitions using normal Windows tools.

If you were somehow to circumvent this limitation using third party tools, you would most likely encounter problems using the partitioned device in some ways.

I recommend not attempting to circumvent this limitation.

You might consider using something like TrueCrypt instead for creating one or more virtual (encrypted) drives on your flash media or hard disk.