Can using no pagefile.sys

Can using no pagefile.sys help the buffer in the hard drive or system buffer in anyway at all? Can it hurt your system to use to no virutal memory?

it will more than likely cripple performance, some games/apps must have virtual memory available even if you have 8GB’s of ram

It’ll gain you nothing. Windows uses paging file for several system tasks, like logging and such. If you want to boost performance in that way, add more RAM.

Thanks for the input, Best Buy has a sale tomorrow on 1 gig of Kingston Ram for 99.00USD no rebates. I’ll try that first. That will give me 2 gig, should be plenty.

Yep that will sure do you good; it’ll have more effect than the useless tweaking of the Windows virtual memory settings ;).

Just make sure that you buy memory your mainboard can handle. Check your mobo’s manual (or the website of the producer) for possible configurations.