Can use DVD player as laptop display?

Can I connect a DVD player to my E1505 Dell laptop, using the player as the display? Does anyone have any recommendation of a DVD player to be used in this capacity?
The laptop hasn’t shipped yet, but this is what I’d like to do.
In addition, I would like to connect a small, foldable USB keyboard to the laptop as well (any recommendations on this?)
I was told that all I would need is an S-video port on the laptop (it does), and a video input on the DVD player (my current one does…). There is also an AV/in-out switch, and both a video and audio port.
I will be creating HTML docs, testing them and viewing the results on the DVD player display. Though being able to read the text would be great, I am mainly concerned about element positioning (paragraphs, graphics, and such).
Radio Shack sold me an S-video adapter, and a cable.
I have found a Toshiba SD-P1700 9", which seems to be compatible, but I would appreciate any other suggestions.
It seems likely this can be done, and there are obviously some very knowledgeable people here.
Please help.

Yes, if your laptop has a Composite and/or S-video output and the DVD player has the same input, it should work. I’m not sure I understand why you’re trying to do this instead of just viewing the results on your laptop, but yes it should work.

Sorry it took so long to reply, Scoob.
My portable DVD player has an A/V port, with an in/out switch. I took the player to Geek Squad. The tech connected it to their sys, and had the desktop displayed on the player in minutes. Whatever appeared on his screen appeared on my player.
I purchased a Dell E1505, attempting to do the same thing, pressing F4 as he suggested. Nothing. I am going to call Dell tech support, unless you have any suggestions.

Under display on the computer enable the 2nd display, the pic will not be as good as the laptop display, and if I may why a small folding KB?

How come Geek Squad did not troubleshoot the problem didn’t they charge you for it.

TCAS, a geek at Best Buys had sold me a very expensive (30.00) adapter and multi-connector cable (30.00). I guess he felt bad enough about the exhorbitant price of these items so as to show me how to use my player and notebook in tandem.
Braynes, I’m writing XHTML docs on the sly, and only need to see if the various elements are present, display in the proper position, desired color, etc.
An open laptop would attract too much attention, and resentment.

Thanks for the answer, Makes sense.

Best buy is not the place to buy Accessories items their prices are outrageous some times.