Can u Use a Walkman as Source to Make MP3's

I was wondering if I could use my Walkman cassette player to plug into the computer so that I can make MP3’s of a few old tapes I still have. Would it have enough power to give a clear signal or do I need to use my Pioneer stereo system?

Without extensive finetuning using an audio-app like wavelab you would only get a bad bad audio quality…

It can be done with the walkman, but like chef says, it’ll sound pretty nasty.

Rather than using the headphone-out of a walkman, use the line-out of a good stereo or component cassette player.

It’s not too bad but I’ll have to get rid of the hiss. Does hiss come thru if u use a stereo system? I imagine it would unless u played around with the eq but then u lose overall sound quality.

I think there would be less hiss with the stereo system. There shouldn’t be much hiss on something with a relatively good tape deck and amp.

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