Can u overburn DVDs w/ ND-3520A

I’ve looked around forums and couldn’t find a straight answer.
Can you Overburn DVD-R or +R w/ an NEC ND-3520A? I’m using Liggy & Dee ND-3520 Modified Firmware V1.UE.

I’ve tried Nero’s CD-DVD speed. -R’s get a “COMMAND SEQUENCE ERROR” and +R’s get some “LOGICAL ADDRESS BLOCK ERROR”.

Does NEC just not support overburning? or is there a mod or something?

Read this:

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Absolutely NOT, at least in my own test which I just ran. I have firmware 3.05 (official). I tried to overburn a Sony +R that has 4483 capacity to 4498. Nero I got an error at the end and the last files cannot be read off the disc with an “incorrect parameter” message.


Is the answer still NO now it’s 2006? Any firmware to make it work? What is the best DVD writer for overburn?


Only DVD+R can be overburned with current DVD burners (in addition to CD overburning of course).

Plextor drives have had this feature since at least the PX-712, and it is still present in the PX-760 (with firmware 1.02). The Plextor PX-755 might be able to overburn with a future firmware upgrade, but currently it can’t.

BenQ DW1640/1650/1655 can also overburn, but they are slightly quirkier because you have to disable SolidBurn and you cannot overburn just a few MB - you have to overburn with a size greater than 4493 MB.

See this thread about BenQ 1650/1655 overburning.

Also the Pio 107 can overburn DVD.

But, overburning on DVD is really not recommended.