Can u help?Philips dvdr1625 won't respond?!



:sad: Hi everyone,
I was watching a dvd when it froz.after that, the dvd rom start playing up(tray coming halfway out and back.sometimes when i press eject button,tray opens and closes before i can put a cd/dvd on) now, after rebooting the pc the dvd drive don’t respond at all.i have tried and upgraded the firmware to P3.7 hoping to eraese any bug or defect caused when the dvd froz, but no pc OS is windowsXP.
any help/suggestion is very much appreciated.
many thanks,


nr66, welcome to cdfreaks.

Please download and install Nero InfoTool from here and post the log so we can take a look at your system.


Hi Zevia,
thanks for the response .
the log is as follow.and hope to hear from u soon.

philips dvdr1625.TXT (55.7 KB)


Disconnect the ide cable to rule out any software problems, and use a different power connector. If the drive still can not open the tray, try it in a different PC. If it still fails there is nothing you can do to repair it.


Hi al42,
i have done what u suggested but no luck.
could u please let us all(forum members) know(educate us) how come it can’t be repaired? what is likely the cause that made it stop working?and are there any ways to avoid it to happend again?'cause it’s a bit hard to take the fact that i’ve just spent 50GBP(UK) nearly $100 on this dvd drive that goes down on me and i can’t do nothing to repair it.
ala42, excuse my ignorance, but can the problem be fixed by eraese the firmware as well as the dump file(program that works with the firmware?!) of the dvd drive and reprogram it from scratch?
anyway thanks for ur response,


Your drive has a hardware error and I doubt there is anything you can do about it. If it is still under warranty, return it.


Even if it was repairable it would cost more to fix it that it costs to replace, as DVD writers start at £19.99 here in the UK anyway. Different hardware as an example, my printer cost me £60, to replace the printhead would cost me £130 for parts and labour. It is generally the smae principle, most PC items are designed for disposal not repair.

As alan has said if it is still under waranty return it for an exchange. If a disc is still stuck in the drive to get it out there should be a small hole on the front. Straighten out a paper clip and insert it in the hole and push this will release the draw to allow you to remove any media inside.


Thank u both ,Alan & Jay 4 ur answers.
it’s bit sad 2 know how harmful 2 the envirement we becoming by just taking the easy way out > _ Not Worth Fixing It, Dispose Of It ! _.

one more favour from lads.As i am going 2 have 2 buy a new dvd rewriter.
what would u recommend ?my budget is around 30/35 GBP.
thanks again,