Can U create a cd audio dvd?

what i mean is the format .cdda? to play on a home dvd?

was mp3 d best quality?

If I understand you correctly, you want to burn a bunch of .cdda files onto a DVD and in effect make a super-sized CD. My understanding is that WAV is loosely related to .cdda. You didn’t say if you wanted to play the disc in a computer or a standalone DVD player. If you’re looking to play the disc in a standalone DVD player then I would consult the owner’s manual to determine if the machine is capable of doing so. Otherwise you could make a disc and try it in the machine to find out. Hope this helps. I may try it myself to find out.

From the PCM article on

“Audio CDs do not use WAV as their sound format, using instead Red Book audio. The commonality is that both audio CDs and WAV files have the audio data encoded in PCM. WAV is a data file format for a computer to use that can’t be understood by CD players directly. To record WAV files to an Audio CD the file headers must be stripped and the remaining PCM data written directly to the disc as individual tracks with zero padding added to match the CD’s sector size.”

I suspected this but wanted to verify before posting. Some set top DVD players may be able to read this format. Many will understand MP3 and some others WMA. Both MP3 & WMA are lossy formats so rip directly from your CDs to the format at as high a bit rate as you can. I would say at least 256kbs and if your DVD player supports it, variable bit rate encoding. Note, variable bit rate encoding does not directly increase fidelity, instead it allows for more efficient compression as less complex passages are encoded with fewer bits than more complex passages. Again check with the DVD player’s owners manual. Native WAV files are very large in size so you won’t be able to fit as many WAV files onto a DVD as you would MP3 or WMA files. At any rate go with the highest bit rate you can and if possible variable bit rate encoding as you only want to rip your CDs once. If possible, you can rip using a lossless format like WMA lossless, FLAC, or ALAC. The file sizes are larger but the exact bitstream is recreated from the compressed files.

thanks dude, but i got an application called apollo audio dvd creator, it converts mp3’s to lpcm, ac3, and mp2, which format is better to play to home dvd? will i lose quality when mp3 got converted to lpcm,
ac3, or mp2? btw, app said that ac3 is recommended???

Apollo Audio DVD creator is very buggy and their customer services are NON-EXISTENT! Try e-mailing them with a question and you’ll wait forever without any response. I use Audio DVD Creator and am very happy with their features and ease of use and all e-mails were responded to within a few days.

what format does it converts d mp3 files? anyways i will try it… :slight_smile:

oohhh i see, it converts the mp3 to ac3? or a pcm??? but which is better quality???

Basically any format that achieves very high compression ratios achieves this by lossy compression. It works on the idea that there’s lots of information in music that you can’t hear so to achieve smaller file sizes it throws away parts of the bitstream. Because of this there is a loss of information, but how much of an impact this makes on the music is somewhat subjective. I prefer lossless codecs like FLAC, ALAC, or WMA lossless for archiving my music because I can recreate the exact bitstream with all the information from the files. However, the files are larger in size. It’s not unusual for lossless codecs to achieve 2:1 (50% reduction) 1.5:1 (67% reduction) in file sizes but lossy codecs like MP3, AC3, AAC and some others often achieve 10:1 (90% reduction) in file size but at the expense of some information.

If your home DVD player is strictly a DVD player and not a “Universal” player then I would go with AC3 as it is the required audio format for DVDs. If your player is a universal one that conforms to the DVD-Audio specification (it will have a logo on the machine) then you can fit as many as four CDs with no compression onto a single DVD-A. You can do this using free programs. I’ve outlined the process in another thread in this forum (
However, DVD-A uses proprietary compression that is very expensive (it’s called MLP) and requires special software to author the DVD-A with MLP files (such as discWelder Chrome II) so you would be limited by the capacity of the target media (use DL media for larger compilations).

You may want to consider a program called Burn.Now from Ulead. The purchased version (not the trial version) has a built in AC3 encoder and they claim that they can fit as much as 45 hours of music onto a single DVD. I’ve not tried this as I don’t have the software.

Let me know if this helps.

thanks dude, i download audio dvd creator and i think this is good than apollo ^^ i will try to create my dvd music through this program by using ac3… ^^ thanks again dude, i will ask again if i have some questions ^^

I converted to PCM and kept the audio files in WAV format. I normally can cram between 5 and 6 full-length CDs onto one DVD-R. It is a great toy and I hope you will have fun with it :slight_smile:

hmm. i tested it a while ago and burn some songs… but i got a minimal problem or bug ? hmmm after i play the title when im on menu when der is 7 title of the songs that i make then on the bottom of it it has a word “back” but i got more than 7 songs on that menu there is no next button for me to forward to other songs? was it bugged or something?

The trial version will only let you test-drive with limited fuctionality. You must buy the software to have full functionality. Good luck and have a great weekend!

hmm… dude i encountered some problems i converted it on ac3 format, and it plays on my dvd, but i heard some noice and d sound is not clear or something, sometimes it has low volume and suddenly become high volume, den if i click next on remote to play next sound it sounds good again… der is some tracks dat is not clearly converted i think… T_T what u think will i go change to pcm format?


I only use the PCM format so am not sure what might have happened with the ac3 mode. You may want to e-mail the software company (based in China) for assistance. Personally I prefer PCM to preserve the uncompressed sound of my music.

Good luck and happy listening :slight_smile:

so pcm is more better on ac3, does all dvd players can play pcm formats?

It is my personal preference to pick uncompressed music in PCM format. You can read more about AC3 and PCM here and make your own mind up:

And YES, the music DVD (in PCM) plays beautifully on my DVD player :slight_smile:

ahh ok i see, maybe i will pick pcm too ^^ all i want is quality not quantity ^^

omg delerue, how many song can u put in a single dvd with pcm format at is highest quality?

I normally am able to put between 4-6 CDs (PCM format) on a single DVD-R depending on the length of each CD. Have fun and enjoy your new “hobby” :slight_smile:

yah, just having fun having back ups of my mp3’s :slight_smile: thanks again…

Theoretically a single layer DVD-R disc has 6.2 times the storage space of a 702mb CD-R

if you are working with a Dual layer DVD-R (or DVD+R)
it’s something like 12.16times.

but as noted above there will be player compatibility issues.

as “archive” for storing ripped WAV files on OTHER than your hard drive? the idea has merit.

For actual playback? I’d just go with 320kBit/sec CBR mp3’s

It’s why I’m buying a multi-standard DVD burner.

(Note: this is my official “Newbie resurrecting an old topic from the dead” post:)

Buy why stop with DVD’s? why not pack a BlueRay-ROM disc with WAV’s? ($27 for ONE blank? PLEASE!)