Can u backup a ar2 v2 datel disk?

trying to back up my datel disk b4 the kids hav it but its reporting to take 5 hrs to read any idea ?


If the game is protected with safedisc 2 this is normal until it gets past the read errors give the full name of game your writer and progy you are using for recording clone-cd, alcohol ,

hI its not a game im trying to back up but the ar2 v2 cheat disk , just want to copy it b4 i give it 2 the kids ,

ive got clone cd and also l8tset nero and record max

i hav liteon 48x writer and pioneer 105


and ive seen the read errors in nero but it gets past tehm till 37% and goes slow again

I would update to the latest clone-cd version and use the data profile then, use your lite-on to read and write. should not have a problem

Hey TIPEX2003 the disc should have very much data on it so it should be a simple cd to cd burn with Nero, CloneCD or whatever takes ur fancy
Just set your read errors to ignore to get thru them quicker cuz its only the boot information, nothing that the modchip cannot replicate so it should still boot like normal (the memory manger minidisc for the ps2 has bad sectors aswell for a 20 meg disc)

Also if u were to run the burn u should have a modchip in the console aswell

ok cheers guys , been away all weekend but will leave it reading over n8t as i left it reading b4 for an hr and it was only like 37% done


i have a problem ? when im burning an ar2 v2 then in the ps2 a black screen appears !!! why ? :S i have an original cd1 ar2v2 cd bbut i broke it :frowning: could you help me ? tnx

I too am trying to back up a ar2 v2 disk.
Please tell me did it work, how long did it take and did you use nero or clone cd ?

use ccd works fine by me no probs the time was 3 or 5 minutes

can someone help me please. i have lost the startup dvd disk for the ar2 v2 disk/chip. is there anywhere i can get a copy of this or even download it?

Not a great first post…as you’ll see in the forum rules, any illegal downloads / copies of games are not allowed to be discussed here.

NO warez here! :cop:

Im not looking to get the disk illegaly but looking for somewhere I can get a genuine new disk or would it be better upgrading to a newer chip.
Pls help.