Can two devices interfere with one another?

I was wondering about the magnetic clamps that most optical disc drives seem to utilize.

I have multiple disc players (game consoles, DVD players, DVD recorder, etc.) around my TV, so I’m wondering whether the magnet of one could adversely affect the clamp of another?

For instance, could the magnet of a disc player placed within a foot to the right of another device actually “pull” the device’s clamp to the right (or otherwise impact it) … and subsequently cause the clamp to malfunction and potentially scratch discs?

Should all these electronics be placed further apart from one another, or are they unable to affect each other in such a way?

What if someone were to place a fridge magnet (or something of the like) next to a disc player? Could that also “move” a clamp in such a way that could cause it to malfunction?

We stack optical drives on top of one another in computer cases with no ill effects. I seriously doubt you can have them interfere with one another in other types of players or recorders.

Your fridge magnet isn’t strong enough to effect a drive. There are some neodymium rare earth magnets that are much more powerful however. I wouldn’t put one of them on an electrical device, especially not a hard drive or flash drive with important data.

The one item you need to watch for ir large speakers. I know from experence that placing one of these too near a CRT TV will effect the picture tube sometimes permanatly.
@ Kerry56 , I have a set of Koss headphones with rare earth magnets . I don’t know if the “rare earth element” is neodymium . They are the small type & I haven’t noticed they effect anything , You were probably posting about some large speaker too.