Can TS-H552U read Orange Box DVD?

It can’t read Orange Box (Half Life 2 ) DVD but can read other dvd. I open on another PC it can read . I tried many firmware U09 U08 but still can’t read.
Please Help! :bow:


You should ask TSST or try with another drive, its a copy protection thing most likely.

I’ve decided to buy a new drive.Can you suggests which one is ok pioneer 112D ,212bk and samsung sh-s203b or other.


All good choices.

orange box has no copy protection. it uses steam

Are you certain?
What could it be then??

I’ve asked TSST support.They said may be my drive not support this dvd and suggest me to test with another TS-H552U drive if it has a same result.But I only have one drive so I bought pioneer 212BK yesterday .It work properly. Thanks every one.