Can this be done?

is it possible tocopy dvd’s with my cdr without having a dvd player in my computer

I don’t think that you can. You still need a dvd drive to ripp the vob files from the dvd to your hdd.

It is as possible as playing those good old records (perhaps you can remember those large black platters on which you have to position a needle and sound comes out of your speakers) in a CD player…

DVD and CD-R have different methods in layering. This means that a laser as used in a CD-ROM (or CD-RW) cannot be used to read DVDs. There are already combo drives, in which you can play DVD and write CD-R(W), but those specifically are designed for this purpose.

thanx for the info, ill guess i will go on out and by a dvd player. oh well, it just gives me another reason to upgrade, lol. once again thank you