Can this be done?



I love Clone DVD 2 and Any DVD. These two programmes have never failed me for backups but I would love to see a version of Clone DVD 2 that allows you to trim any part of the recording, i.e. end, middle or beginning. I would like to edit my own compilations with this programme. I have tried loads of re authoring programmes, but cannot find one that does what I really want without hours of mucking about. How about it Elby/Slysoft/ Olli or whoever. I am happy to pay for the update/new programme. :slight_smile:


Are you talking about editing the main movie to remove things like the anti-piracy notifications?


To get right down to the answer, “No, it’s not”


You lot really piss me off! anyone that asks a question, the first thing one or more of you say is “piracy”. Have you lot got a guilty conscience or something? Well Guys it ain’t piracy, just a mixture of my own movies I want to edit. GOT IT NOW, MINE AND MY COPYRIGHT.

I’ve seen this stupid answer so many times, I’m sick of it. Accusing innocent people of illegal acquisition of software or trying to fiddle the system. OK sometimes you are right, but not always.If I wanted to pirate movies, I wouldn’t be stupid enough to ask here!

I like Clone DVD 2 because it’s easy to use. Now I’m going to piss you off, I am severely disabled, I have to type with a stick in my mouth and I need simple programmes to be able to use a bloody computer at all. So what am I, a severely disabled pirate?
Hamp, thanks for the straight answer.

Think before you post, it’s dead easy to accuse, not so easy to read a post properly.


@ voxsmart

I’m not sure why strachan used anti-piracy notifications as an example, but he was talking about the notifications that is at the beginning of the movies, just the notification. When you make a copy I notice that the notification comes on regardless, I have not tried to remove and maybe thats what he assumed you meant or is trying to do?

You may already know this, but with clonedvd you can cut a movie in half, trim some chapters in the beginning and/or end of a movie.


I used that as an example because I figured he was trying to edit the movie. The only way I can think to do that is rip the whole movie to hard drive, then use a program like Nero or something to edit the first vob.


@ voxsmart,

I suggest re-reading Forum member strachan posting. Forum member strachan was not accusing you of any illegal activities.

Perchance have you ever used Pegasys TMPGenc DVD Author for editing your DVDs. This is a very easy and simple to use software program and produces excellent results.

I for one would not like to see the AnyDVD-CloneDVD combination software program get bogged down and complicated with DVD editing. The simplicity of AnyDVD-CloneDVD is what makes the program so appealing.

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bjkg, I didn’t even notice that post by voxsmart till you mentioned it. I was just telling him that he would need some kind of video editor to do what he wants to do.


Sorry Guys, I was being a bit tetchy, it’s just I seem to see loads of accusations about illegal stuff supposedly going on here. Like LAMEBRAIN, who was accused of piracy because he forgot to reboot! I know most of you are really helpful and are genuinely nice Guys, but please, those of you who are ready to jump at the slightest hint of wrong doing, think about it before you post.

This is the only contact I have with Slysoft and I don’t want to feel that if I ask a question, I will be jumped on by someone shouting “Pirate” These activities are abhorrent to me and there is never an excuse for it. Yes, I do back up my bought DVD’s, mainly because I drop and damage most of them.
I am fiercely independent and like to do as much as I can for my self

Your suggestions are most welcome, all I would like to do is edit some old videos that I made years ago of my son growing up and some air show stuff I would like to trim out the mistakes like camera pointing to ground and stupid stuff like that.

I cannot use Nero on this rig, it seems to conflict with something else on here. Even Ahead couldn’t seem to solve it.

What I was actually asking for was another version of Clone DVD That had editing capabilities, but based on the original filmstrip system and fantastic ease of use and quality of transfer. I wouldn’t like to see Clone DVD 2 complicated by just adding stuff either, it’s brilliant as it is!

Sorry again to dump the guilt trip on you, but as I said, I don’t always feel that great.


Vobblanker is an excellent freeware program for editing out sections of a file.

I like to backup my DVDs mainly recorded from TV without all the menus etc, and normally use Nero recode.

If I buy commercial DVDs I like to back up the main movie only as I hate all the FBI notices (really irritating if you live in the UK!), and the extras etc, and normally the main movie will fit on a single 4.7GB disk.

I recently bought a dvd with an unusual file structure and Nero Recode, NVE, Powerproducer, DVDshrink, Smartripper, DVDdecrypter all failed to handle it (even with anydvd loaded as well).

The only thing I could do was a complete diskcopy (which meant I had all the extraneous stuff and couldn’t back up to a single DVD).

I tried vobblanker and hey presto, I could edit out the bits I didn’t need.

Vobblanker will work with unprotected DVDs. If you DVD is protected, either rip using one of the well known ripping programs, or else vobblanker in conjunction with AnyDVD (my normal method).

It can be downloaded from URL

Read the guides first to understand how to use it, and then simply have a go!

Good luck


Thanks Oilman, that looks like the thing I’m after. I will have a play with that and see if I can get my brain around it. The problem is, finding out more about VOB files and well, DVD structure generally. I have never tried to do anything but backup a DVD before, that’s why I wanted it simple to use like Clone DVD. :slight_smile: